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There are a lot of ways, different experiences, through which our horizons expand. Then how is it that the one umbrella term “learning and development”, that is typically used when we talk of professional development, offers very little beyond e-learning OR Classroom training OR recorded videos. LearningSol sought to change that. We built learning modules for the Indian workforce that are data driven, assessment based, interactive and performance oriented. Combine this with expert led live sessions and mentoring and you have a potent mix to fire up your brain cells.

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Skills, Strength, Wellness

Virtual learning experiences that are hybrid (combining interactive e-learning, data driven live sessions and game based assessments on a single experience platform. Top quality virtual learning experiences that are scalable and create an impact on performance and quality of life. Not just recorded video based training, or just e-learning or just lengthy Zoom sessions. Evidence-based and custom experiences created by expert team of instructional designers, subject matter experts and trainers.

With art

Rethink your training program to include art. Virtual programs are infused with healing and bonding when we bring the artist in you out to colour!

With games

Games can transform virtual learning from staid to one charged with action and healthy competition.

With wellness

The modern workforce can go through unprecedented levels of stress which diminishes productivity. When the learning experience brings wellness and mindfulness with serious learning, everything becomes easy!

With mentoring

Get mentored by industry experts to master your skills.

“Good part is that I got to know about technical term and concepts behind of appraisal. The story-telling live session made it relatable and memorable.”

Prerna Sinha


“This is an interesting course. The materials are detailed and through this, I can get a chance to upgrade my knowledge.”

Anju Daniel

Nursing professional, Delhi

“As I serve lots of corporate, influencing skills are a must for me. A virtual experience of this kind on the platform is quite useful during the pandemic & post-pandemic. The best part was giving tasks and doing team activity related to the profession we are in. Looking forward to more such training Programs.”

Ankit Lhila

Event management professional, Bangalore


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