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May 2021

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If it's your first year as a nurse or you're just getting started with your job, it's not unusual for you to feel overwhelmed, anxiety can strike you any time. Here are some tips that help you to relieve yourself of anxiety and make you feel more confident and secure in your job. This article talks about How can a nurse overcome anxiety, tips for nurses to overcome anxiety, tips for dealing with nurse anxiety, how do new nurses cope with stress and overcoming anxiety tips for nurses.

Many of the many reasons why many individuals choose to become a nurse are due to the kind of rewarding work it is, diverse opportunities, and more. For those who are still on the fence let us help you in making a move. The role of nurses has been reinforced more than ever by the pandemic. Being one of those few jobs that allow working in diverse settings, having a schedule in which you have a say, respect and a good paycheck are enough reasons to pursue nursing as a career. Let's dive into the reasons to become a nurse,

Nurses play a pivotal role among all Health care workers and are expected to be available all the time to cater their services regardless of the conditions and age of the patients. Having said that, nurses work in non-traditional schedules most often. This article talks about the shift pattern in which nurses work, the typical work schedules for nurses,  how many shifts a week do nurses work, how many hours do nurses work in a day and types of nursing schedules.

If you’re a nurse, probably, the only life hacks you often get to hear are to get more sleep, eat healthily, stay fit and agile etc. However, these aren’t smart enough to save your day. Nurses undertake a lot of things during their time in the hospital that require more than just health and agility. Here are some smart ways which you can incorporate into your daily life that makes your job much easier. This article talks about some of the best nursing hacks, nurse hacks for health care, ICU nurse hacks, Bedpan hacks and hacks for floor nurses.

Anyone who has been in the field of nursing for years together would certainly understand the fact that nursing is less like a career and more like a calling. With our ageing population and rising health issues, nurses are more crucial today than ever. Nursing is a multifaceted role and moving forward in such a role needs not just clinical skills but administrative and leadership as well. Here are some qualities that could help nurses in building a rewarding career. The following article talks about what makes an extraordinary nurse, the qualities a good nurse should have, core values of

Getting started as a new nurse often leaves you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, incompetent and lost. Being a nurse comes with taking the job of posing too many questions to a single patient and juggling between hundreds of tasks at once. But the journey is itself enough to help you build resilience towards your job. This article addresses things every new nurse should know, tips and tricks for new nurses, where should you start as a new nurse, new nurses tools, the challenges of a new nurse graduate and more.

Assessment is an intrinsic part of nursing practice, in which a nurse collects information about the patient's Physical, Psychological, Societal aspects that are needed to provide planned care for the patient. These assessments might differ on several levels in terms of their scope and complexity relating to physical or mental health etc. However, all of these are essentially designed to determine what kind of care the patient might need. Depending upon the reason why the patient has been brought to the hospital, the kind of assessment needs to be performed on the changes.

Being health care providers, nurses often tend to put the patients' wellness before their own. Nurses keep pouring care and compassion, as they are critical components of nurses' care. One sure way to ensure a long, fruitful nursing career is to take care of their own body and mind. This article speaks of how important it is for nurses to consider self-care while providing care to others, how nurses should take care of themselves, Self-care for nurses during a pandemic, barriers to self-care for nurses and many more.

As per the norms of the World Health Organisation, there should be at least 3 nurses for every 1000 people. However, India only has 1.7 nurses per 1000 people which is 43% less than what's needed. As the fight against the COVID-19 continues, the demand for nurses will continue to grow, making nursing a career with exceptional prospects and now is the time for fresh nurse graduates to make the most of this opportunity by improving their career prospects. This article talks about how fresh nursing graduates can improve their prospects and the skills that can help for their progression

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