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Is your organization 2021 ready?

The year that gave us the pandemic is finally going! While many of us have already laid out plans for making 2021 more exciting, and definitely more positive, it is also the right time to  take stock, revisit learnings and map out strategies for staying safe in 2021.

WFM please!

Collectively, companies did a good job of managing the COVID crisis and evolved to embrace the distributed workplace model to protect employees and shield business. Working from home became the new normal; employees rose to the occasion and managed work, home and families dedicating more hours and mindshare than they had ever done before. In 2021, working from home will creak and shimmy into its intended niche with sufficient support from companies that understand the value of a sustainable work culture.

Sustainability in the work culture

Yes, it’s that word again! Sustainability!

Work culture in 2020 saw a constant ebb and flow in its most important parts- safety and security, trust, productivity, change management, and environment. According to a McKinsey survey of over 800 U.S. based employees, 80% respondents said that the crisis had materially affected their daily work life. For the workforce to achieve a sustainable rhythm in work, companies will have to look into the wellness and happiness of their people.

Automation and new business models

Of course, the omnipresent problem of the pandemic led to stress and anxiety even while the workforce grappled with a complete overhaul of existing models to make way for impacted markets and industries. This trend will continue with businesses trying new ways to get to their target customers, engage with them, and build lasting relationships with them. This would engender quicker adoption of automation in repeatable tasks, tech-enabled platforms for engaging customers, employee engagement through virtual means and more.

2021 promises to be the epoch of our times. With companies looking at new and improved ways of production, marketing, branding, sales and customer experience, this ride is going to be everything 2020 wasn’t. Happy 2021 to you!

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