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The Good Nurse – What are the Qualities of a Good Nurse?

Anyone who has been in the field of nursing for years together would certainly understand the fact that nursing is less like a career and more like a calling. With our ageing population and rising health issues, nurses are more crucial today than ever. Nursing is a multifaceted role and moving forward in such a role needs not just clinical skills but administrative and leadership as well. Here are some qualities that could help nurses in building a rewarding career. The following article talks about what makes an extraordinary nurse, the qualities a good nurse should have, core values of nursing, strengths of a nurse and more.

Staying Organised 

Qualities of a good nurse include Staying organised. It is one of the most principal qualities of a nurse as it prepares the nurses to adapt themselves to a chaotic shift. It also helps them to prioritise among different things and stay clear about what needs to be done.

Prioritising means taking a moment to listen to the patient and planning things a little bit ahead so that things run smoother.

Stay firm, bold and confident

The qualities a good nurse should have are- confidence; the ability to critically analyse a situation and being assertive at times needed. Caregiving doesn’t go smoothly. There is a possibility that nurses might encounter some patients who don’t give in to the care routine and make it difficult for the nurse to handle them. Therefore, it is crucial that nurses stay assertive and a bit bossy while giving directions to their patients and it will be more likely that they will follow them.

Keep learning

Don’t ever think that the day you graduate from nursing is the day your learning ends. It’s the other way around and the reason being many of the things nurses have to handle aren’t taught while they are in college. You learn through practice day in and day out. New technologies, medical techniques and medicines keep coming and nurses have to upgrade themselves on the go. The best nurses are the ones who keep learning every day.

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Benevolent Manner 

Being kind is a quality that is laid most emphasis on in healthcare because any skill regarding the organisation can be learnt through practice but being compassionate runs deeper.  Those who are compassionate always look forward to offering possible help. Look back to those days when you had to endure a stay at a hospital and a  nurse who was kind to you. She/he must have surely made your stay much easier. Nurses have to encounter so many strangers who are probably at their worst and they lean on nurses for help to walk through it.

Being a healthcare provider of frontline and nurses can set the mood for the patient’s way of perceiving their condition by being kind and optimistic. This is essential for the hospital environment as nurses are the people that patients spend their most time with during their stay at the hospital.

Staying Safe 

To stay long in the race as a nurse, nurses must bear in mind that they’re dealing with life-threatening germs day in and day out.

This makes them agile and helps in staying safe.

On the other hand, Nurses who are in the perioperative shift have to handle surgical instruments and might end up with some cuts on their hands. These wounds in turn lead to infections and blood-borne diseases. Nurses are surely in a hazardous environment and they should know how to protect themselves. Follow good sanitation and wear protective gear to protect yourself.

Caring for yourself

As impossible as it may sound, taking some time out of your hectic day is as important as your job. It saves you from burnouts in the long run. Learn to draw boundaries between your job and personal life. Have an hour or two for yourself to unwind, refresh, recharge and let not work intervene in those confined hours.

In the process of caring and being kind to the patients don’t empty yourself. Remember, you can only offer your best care only when you’re physically fit and emotionally well.

Work on your communication

Good nurses are good communicators. Nurses receive clinically important information from their patients and they must get information that is relevant, filtered, condensed. It saves a lot of physician’s time while going through the patient’s history. Communication is one of the key strengths of a nurse to establish a good relationship with your team, patients and their families.

Leadership and taking responsibility

If you’re good at taking care of your patients along with aiding your team then you’re a few steps ahead of many.  Leadership and being responsible makes an extraordinary nurse and also considered to be core values of nursing. There are always those nurses who the new nurses look up to as they constantly get inspired by them because of their matchless ability to prioritise their patients on one hand and the whole team on the other.

Nurses who have been in their job for a considerable time have the advantage of expertise over others. By mentoring the new nurses and encouraging them, you’re helping your whole team believe in themselves therefore it enhances the quality of the care they offer.


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