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Using proficiency as the new currency for L&D programs

The learning landscape has changed tremendously.

There is so much sophistication now vis-à-vis 2010. Earlier, the tools of the trade were manuals, reference cards, slide decks, CDs, handbooks, and good old fashioned ‘taking someone under your wing’. Of course, there were organizations dabbling in e-learning. Quick authoring tools were beginning to get popular, while e-learning development was also HTML based. The evolution has been that of a greater focus on the modes of content delivery, so mobile learning, computer based as well as web based learning, proliferation of content and learning management platforms, learning as well as visual design (in case of e-learning), and the popularity and acceptance of coaching or mentoring.

L&D in a post-covid ecosystem will see an overhaul.

In a post-covid ecosystem, or with any VUCA related influence for that matter, learning and development practitioners and CLOs will have to rethink the metrics for calculating ROI of learning initiatives. The top metric that can redefine ROI is ‘Proficiency’ and the learning ecosystem can benefit immensely by claiming this as a driver for course design and success.

Learning strategies today are moving from a “more is better” mentality to an emphasis on gradual, nonstop and quantifiable improvement in performance. However, performance markers don’t give a comprehension of workers’ capabilities and how they approach their work.

Proficiency enables and empowers a fully functional L&D program.

On the other hand, proficiency enables learning leaders to see how able workers are contrasted with the abilities they have to perform well at work. By utilizing proficiency to evaluate and identify behavioural and learning gaps, you have a main pointer that can illuminate further learning needs and guide training communications that help every individual ceaselessly improve. We can consider work proficiency, in this way, the new currency of learning.

By molding L&D programs around the competencies that have the most effect on performance and estimating individual and team capability, learning leaders can generate insights to identify problem areas, drive improvement, make or adjust learning programs, and dispense assets to where they are required most.

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