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What to track in a learning program?

Learning and development is slowly evolving from single or two dimensional to multi faceted or hybrid. This means that a typical training program will have not just e-learning or instructor led training but include a wide array of content from simulations, peer reviews, YouTube tutorials, a MOOC (a course within a course!) video conference, webinar, blog reads, chat forums and so on. All of this will account for a tremendous amount of data, not all of which is going to be worthy of attention.

Which begs the question “What to track in a learning program?” 

Learning Management Systems or Experience Platforms typically collect data to generate reports on course completion, success/failure, user logs and score, etc. But these reports alone don’t give a clear picture of learning success, user acceptability or learner proficiency. With advanced analytics, you could create valuable insights into these metrics and how/ what impact they wield on the course content and delivery.

Some questions that you should ask (and generate data for) are:

1. Are the learning outcomes being achieved? What is the evidence in work performance?

2. Is the external content being viewed/ completed? Why/ why not?

3. Are the learners interacting with their peers/mentors on forums and chats? If so, what is going well and if not, what could be improved?

The learning experience need not be a one-sided content dump any more. The engaged learner can be the prized performer with the right training and development program.

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