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Essential Skills for Nurses Case Study
The Essential Skills for Nurses is the first full-fledged learning experience from LearningSol. The need for such a program was highlighted by our mentor at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. A preliminary research conducted by our team substantiated this need by interviewing a group of 100 nurses, doctors, hospital administrators, nursing college stakeholders, nursing educators and nursing students.
A more detailed learner analysis, training needs analysis, and learning context analysis was conducted for us by 5 students of the Post Graduate Program, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (PGP 21-23, IIMB).

The findings of the research that was conducted over a period of 3 months are as follows:

Training Need: There was an urgent need to impart high quality training to nurses for Verbal & Non-verbal communication especially in times of emergency, emotional Intelligence & empathy towards patients, communication skills- verbal and written, body language and how to modulate it for better patient care, self-care and wellness to navigate the stresses of the profession and personality development for leadership readiness.

Learner Profile: Nurses are young, intelligent professionals but opportunities and pay for them are low; they can provide creative Ideas, but they need a platform and recognition to do so. There is an extreme shortage of talented nurses in India because of the reputation that nursing industry has in the society. This shortage can be filled if the perception about nursing is changed, and it is seen as a medical profession equivalent to that of a doctor.

Context: The healthcare industry is a service industry, where patients are the customers. So, the right skillset is very important to succeed in the industry. Not all the nursing colleges have a robust system to develop this skillset in students.

Based on these findings, our in-house team of instructional designers, subject matter experts from the nursing profession and medical writers developed the Essential Skills for Nurses learning experience. The pilot was run for 10 nurses to a Net Promoter Score of 9.7 and rave reviews. Performance impact testing was added to the experience based on feedback received.

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