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Competency based training

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Learning and development is slowly evolving from single or two dimensional to multi faceted or hybrid. This means that a typical training program will have not just e-learning or instructor led training but include a wide array of content from simulations, peer reviews, YouTube tutorials, a MOOC (a course within a course!) video conference, webinar, blog reads, chat forums and so on. All of this will account for a tremendous amount of data, not all of which is going to be worthy of attention.

The learning landscape has changed tremendously. There is so much sophistication now vis-à-vis 2010. Earlier, the tools of the trade were manuals, reference cards, slide decks, CDs, handbooks, and good old fashioned ‘taking someone under your wing’. Of course, there were organizations dabbling in e-learning. Quick authoring tools were beginning to get popular, while e-learning development was also HTML based. The evolution has been that of a greater focus on the modes of content delivery, so mobile learning, computer based as well as web based learning, proliferation of content and learning management platforms, learning as well as visual design (in case

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