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1. What do LearningSol experiences include?

Each experience is created, owned and managed by the subject matter experts and expert trainers. The foundation of each course is the interactive e-learning which includes its lectures, videos, slides, games, flashcards, downloads and assessment. In addition, instructors add workshops, live sessions with experts, gamified training sessions, other resources and practice activities, as a way to enhance the learning experience of learners.

 2. How do I enrol for a learning experience?

LearningSol experiences are entirely on-demand. You can purchase and begin whenever you like.

3. Can I use my mobile to access the learning experience?

The learning experience can be accessed from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop, laptop, and mobile. For how long do I have access to the course material? You can access the course material for one year and complete the course in that duration.

4. How do I get the completion certificate?

The completion certificate is available once all the topics and assessments in the program have been completed.

5. Can my course be extended?

You can raise a request for extending the course by writing to us on support@learningsol.com.

6. Whom do I contact in case I need assistance?

Mentors are available on chat and you can always ask your questions in the community forum.

7. What happens if I miss my Live Class sessions?

Live sessions keep happening throughout the year and you can join the next one.

8. How to find my Class Schedule?

All upcoming events shall be updated in your dashboard.

9. Do I need to buy any software to run the course on our desktop & laptops?

No additional software is necessary to run on desktops or laptops – all you need is a browser and you’re set to go!

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