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Refund and Returns Policy

  /  Refund and Returns Policy

Cancellation policy for public enrollments

Substitution of class participants may be made free of charge at any time prior to the scheduled start date by notifying your on support@learningsol.com.

For rescheduling and cancellations without penalty, students need to notify LearningSol in writing on support@learningsol.com 15 or more calendar days prior to the scheduled start date of class. Students who cancel their public registration at 15 or more calendar days prior to the scheduled start date of the class have the opportunity to either reschedule the class at the discretion of the course manager for a period of six (6) months from the original start date of the class or obtain a refund. No refunds will be issued for class cancellations or rescheduling with less than 15 calendar days notice before the start date.

Student enrollments that come from private organizations will be governed by the organization’s master agreement with LearningSol.

LearningSol reserves the right to change dates, courses and fees regarding their public schedule. Enrolled students will be notified.

Cancellation Policy for self-paced and web-based programs


Cancellation or refund requests are not accepted once you submit an order for a Self-Paced Virtual Class or a Web-Based Training Class.

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